Hi all! I just got my hair analysis back too! I was surprised to find that I have medium texture (not coarse), medium porosity (really?) and elasticity. I was kinda hoping one would come back as really extreme so I might have an explanation as to why my hair is always soooo frizzy. But alas no. My stylers are in my siggy.

Curlsnswirls - I also live in a very dry climate (CO). I have been scared to try SSCEJ and CKCJ because of the salts (I think my hair hates these but it could just be the dry climate). Any thoughts on these products? I am loving the combo of KCCC and AIF with KCKT as a leave-in, though I might be overdoing the KCKT because my hair kinda gets limp as the day goes on. Glad you are having good results with FSG and CK! I need to try both again.
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I'll have to try the KCCC/AIF combo. I can't seem to make KCCC work for me lately . I liked mixing KCCC with SSCEJ, although I haven't tried it recently. Mag sulfate (Epsom salt) doesn't seem to bother me when used in moderation. I couldn't seem to get consistent results with Jessicurls RR or CCSS, maybe too much salts? I do love SSCEJ though, it plays well with other products for me. I try to use products with little or no glycerin. Although I do get fantastic results with CK.