2b/c, 3a on rare days. Medium density, low porosity, BSL. Not new to this forum, I just creep. I don;t think I've posted anything in months

I'd tried CG for 2 years using everything imaginable, hated it. My hair felt limp, dirty, greasy and frizzy with no curls, nearly straight. So I'm not CG any more and I must say, my hair looks great! I use Paul Mitchell Shampoo One, which is advertised as a "gentle wash" and it definitely is! Cleans my hair well but doesn't strip the moisture. I also use Hair One Cleansing Conditioner w/ Olive Oil. My hair isn't really dry, but it likes olive oil. And I don't use it as a co wash or anything since I'm not CG, but I can use it on my scalp at least, which is one of the main reasons I bought it. Most conditioners weigh my fine hair down. But I do have a question about one product from Sally's. GVP conditioning balm. Some say it works great, but others say it weighs their hair down and makes it greasy. I just bought it today on a whim since I'm running low on Hair One & it was on sale (If anyone uses GVP products, all shampoo & conditioner is $4.99!) so I was thinking what the heck. Anyways, does anyone have somewhat fine, wavy/curly hair and have had good results with it?

I've attached a picture (the best one I could find on short notice) of my hair since no one's ever seen it :P
Paul Mitchell Shampoo One

Hair One Cleansing Conditioner (Olive Oil)

Dove Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

Not CG

Don't use leave-in conditioner

Straighten hair occasionally. I use Organix Brazilian Keratin Flat Iron Spray to protect from heat damage.

mostly 2b, some 2c, 3a on rare days. Low porosity, medium density, fine texture.