this is a really good thread.. sad because you all have beautiful hair, but also makes me realise then that people will say stuff regardless.

Almost every time I go out, somebody makes a comment about my hair. Usually neutral.. but i don't like it, things like 'you have very big hair', 'you have a lot of hair'.
last time i went out for my birthday, i felt alright looking, but i got a lot of comments, somebody even said i looked 'crazy' because of my hair. Didn't appreciate that,
one boy came up to me just to tell me that i had' beautiful hair, weird but beautiful'
Being me I was most concerned about the weird, how was it weird? it was just curly? I looked around and noticed that most people where i was had flat or straight hair. It is rarer to have curly hair, but I personally think it looks lovely on others.
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I imagine "weird" just meant: "different from the rest". Concentrate on the "beautiful".
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