I decided to post this sort of rant about some pieces of common natural hair advice that didn't work for me. Doesn't mean these things wont work for you - but it's a lesson that you have to do you.

1. No shampooing. I have the oilest scalp on the planet and it flakes too. The worst of both worlds. While I love the idea of co-washing my way into soft hair frankly my scalp hates when it doesn't get good scrub.

2. No trimming. Even when my hair was straightened I always knew when I needed a trim. My hair would start acting and looking funny. This has been the same since it was natural - sometimes my ends just give up on me.

3. Wear protective styling. I tried this for 4 months and honestly I still had really dry and crunchy ends and my head hurt from all the bobby pins. Now I wear my hair out almost every day and as long as I moisturize I'm fine.

4. No combing. Some people can finger detangle and some people can't. But I'm talking mid-week third or fourth day hair that is tangled as all heck and spraying on some magical water is just making it worse. Honestly I have to sometimes just pull out that wide tooth comb.

5. Just let it air dry. Ha! that's the sound my hair makes when laughing at me. Now sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't - but I have to be careful because re-wetting my hair can cause funky mildewy scalp and trying to style hair when it was supposed to air dry often just ends up with frizzy hair.

That's my list. Let me know what natural hair advice you had to reject.