I love:

Curl Junkie: daily fix, curl fix, hibiscus & banana deep fix, cccc & ccccl, smoothing lotion, beauticurls LI, and aloe fix is a new discovery, scrunched in over almost any jelly product for extra hold - basically everything cj except most of the gels

Curly Kinks Coil Jam & Curlyque Renew

Trader Joes Citrus Refresh (as a cowash)

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Proud momma to 8!!!
Hair Type: Used to be 3a/b, now 2b/c Wavy/Whurly
Style: cirly pixie, growing out from a buzzcut. Aiming for at least a jaw length bob
Routine: Figuring that out since my hair has changed... so far:
Wash: CJ Daily Fix
LI: CJ Smoothing Lotion, CJ Curl Fix
Curl Enhancer: SS CEJ
Styler: KCCC, CK Coil Jam, SS FHG
Deep Conditioner: CK Curlycue Renew, CK Curl Fix
Color: I use henna to achieve a rich black cherry/deep burgundy