okay, i have to try the photos again because they're all blurry, but i'll keep working on them.

the eyeshadows are all pale - How to Marry is so white it barely shows up on the white paper. Showgirl is a perfect blue-gray, though, and i bought it because i need something different in my stash.

i got the Pure Zen lipstick - gorgeous! - and Kid Orange nail polish.

NCC, check out Deeply Adored lipstick; it's on the burgundy side of red and i think you might like it if you can wear the blue tones. also, the darker nail colours might be something you'd like.

i didn't get a chance to swatch the two shades of Dazzleglass, but they were both on the light side. and the blushes were pale and paler!!!

the lip pencils are all from the perm collection, as were the brow and liner shades.

i'm going to go paint my nails Kid Orange now!

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