Hello all!

I have a combo of 3b/3c hair and have been alternating with straightening and natural depending on the week. In high school, I'd put my hair in rollers and go under the dryer which takes an average of 3-4 hours (it takes me so long to wrap my hair/about 2 hours for it to dry). So my hair was always in big wavy curls.

In the past years, I got better flat irons (now using Instyler which I love!) and now my hair takes about an hour and a half. But its just straight and when I try to use it to curl just the ends of my hair it always falls flat after 30 mins. I've tried using a curling iron which only worked once bc of the crazy amt of hair spray I used and time I had.

I want those big loose curls again without the time commitment! Does anyone have any tips/advice for me? Thanks so much!

I have attached 2 pics. The first is my natural hair and the second is how I want my hair to look again (about 4 years ago).
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