I know nothing about her or her plastic surgery...now I want to see before/after shots!

Okay - found one. I must be crazy, but I think she looks better "before".

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Not trying to be snarky, but which is the "before" picture?
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The only thing that looks different, to me, is her hair. Except for the awkward bangs, her hair looks much healthier in what was called the "before" picture...

This picture came up on the same search for "before & after" pics:
I must be missing something.
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Yeah that "before" shot is how I remember her looking on Seinfeld and Suddenly Susan. Again, not traditional "Hollywood attractive" but kinda cute in a quirky way.

The plastic surgery definitely did not do her any favors. But I think she's doing the best with what she's got.

And, of course, she should totally go back to embracing her natural curls.