If you want something to cut through bone, get a cleaver. They're cheap and meant for that sort of heavy-handed task. I don't care for cleavers myself because I just find them kind of heavy, but in general, people don't have a problem with them. Plus then you can save your knife from cutting bones.
For an all-purpose knife, if you don't want a cleaver, get an 8 or 9-inch Wusthof. Easy to sharpen and can take the punishment. My Wusthof is my beater knife.
But I do most of knife work with western-style Japanese knives. They're thinner and of harder metal than German/European knives and that makes for a sharper edge. The thinner and harder metal is why while I can chop bones with them, I don't --- they chip more easily. Tojiro knives are great for a home cook interested in a Japanese knife. They are sharp out of the box, easy to sharpen, and cheaper than other brands.