Did anyone who used the 3sisters code receive their products yet? I purchased on the 09/01/12; the money for the purchase came out of my account on 9/03 and I have yet to see my products. I was told after multiple times calling that someone would call me back and and that it now has magically shipped. Any package I am not here to receive goes my apartment office and I HAVE to keep an I on them if I want my package.
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Uhm yeah. I broke my own rules and ordered from them during the Labor Day sale b/c I needed some QB products (BOGO 1/2 off shoooo couldn't pass that up). I placed my order on the same day as you and patiently waited as they mentioned orders should go out by 9/10 at the lastest. Nope!

I emailed 9/17 & 9/18 'cause I hadn't received my products. Didn't receive a reply until 9/19 advising the last of the orders had been shipped and package should arrive by 9/21 at the latest. Nope!

No dayum package by 9/24! I opened a Paypal dispute asking for a tracking number with 24 hrs or a refund. All of a sudden I received an email from them stating no packages were sent to my zip code after all, oops, their mistake. Huh, wha On 9/25 they provided a tracking number and my stuff was shipped with an expected delivery of Thur 9/27. I surely don't plan on closing that dispute until package is in hand!

Poor business practices, record keeping, customer service....or just some plain ole janky ish going on!

That's what I get for trying to save a few dayum dollars.
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