Yes, I was right above. See page 2. But it would be the land owner who would need to enforce this if the peeping tom doesn't voluntarily cease.
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I'll take a look, but he's not over our property at all. He's standing across the street, and keeping the aircraft (at least today) across the street, but it was hovering at the level of my windows, seemingly looking right at me, directly across from me. It made me back up further into my apartment.

I'm not certain the helicopter has a camera, but he flew the plane the other day with special goggles that were connected via wire to this huge briefcase thing, and he never looked up at the plane once. He just stared straight ahead unmoving with the goggles over his eyes.

Today, he had the goggles attached to the briefcase, but it seemed that he just had them on his forehead, as if he didn't want to take his eyes off the 'copter. Then he suddenly stopped and put it away...which also makes me think he saw me.

Our property manager can't do anything about what someone does across the street on public or gov't owned land. And, though one of our "esteemed" members here thinks that I live my life only by the information I glean from the curly board, I am actually waiting to hear back from the local Flight Standards District Office, after having spoken to several people at the police station, the Association for Model Aeronautics, and the FAA at the airport. One person at the FAA told me that he was aware of the type of aircraft I was talking about and that it was relatively new, so there were probably no laws on the books yet. I don't mind setting a precedent. Clearly, iroc, I don't need your snark-infested "advice."

The funny thing is, this guy is an engineer who works with airports, so they probably know him and probably called him and told him that people were complaining about him!

As for hubs, he wasn't home, but he immediately told me to call the police...I believe I posted that upthread or even in the OP. I'm just not one to always run straight for the police. I didn't think it was in their jurisdiction necessarily. I just wanted to do some research before I started sounding the alarm.

And, lastly, I'm not confronting this guy unless that's my only option. Where have you people been??? People are nucking futs!!!! Did you not read my recent laundry room incident??? And that was over 3 socks and 2 pairs of undies!!!
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