i agree with greencup, you need to give it some time.

first, shampoo with a regular shampoo with sulfates to remove all the cones/chemicals.

then, deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner. i am not familiar with deep conditioners you can get locally, but if you want to order online i highly recommend curl junkie curl rehab. it does not have protein so until you know for sure what your hair texture is, i'd do a straight deep conditioning. you can order on the curljunkie.com or at aveyou.com with the discount code of FIVE will give you 15% off. both have quick turn around.

3rd, i'd get a haircut as you had mentioned. it sounds like you did some damage with bleaching, so a good haircut is always a good place to start.

then, continue with either low poos or cowashing, and leave in conditioners without cones. and, deep condition frequently til you see improvement.

it's worth it!
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