I officially give up trying to figure my hair out. I'm looking for opinions on whether or not to go through with a Deva cut tomorrow, considering my present "hair crisis". Any feedback any of you have would be very welcomed.

Two days ago, following a monthly application of Clairol Natural Instinct's semi-permanent dye job (to cover gray), my hair drastically changed. It went from my usual uniform corkscrews with waves mixed in, to semi-curly but mostly wavy hair with very little shape to it, poofy and soft in parts.

So I thought, "Aha! I'm over-conditioned!" so I clarified it and added make moderate amounts of conditioner (Suave Naturals Eternal Sunshine, cause it's hydrating, minus protein). Wet and styled it, using some Suave moose. It turned out screwy again. Worse.

So I thought, "Right! I forgot that the coloring treatment may have stripped me of protein." So I used K-pak Reconstructor, left it on 15 min.s and rinsed. Followed it with Devacurl Heaven in Hair so that the protein didn't make my hair too hard. It didn't want to dry. It looked pretty normal wet, but when the strands became dry, they were flyaway - part curl, part cotton. Awful.

I can't keep wetting it and doing things to it now because each time it's stripping my hair of natural oil. Tomorrow morning is my appointment to get the Devacut and everything I've done has clearly resulted in failure.

Facts: Due to an operation, I might be going through early menopause (so I wonder if this could be related to hormones). Gray hair - I wonder if the texture of my gray could be suddenly interfering with my typical curl pattern, but that doesn't seem logical.

My question: Would you bother going to get a dry cut when your curl pattern is clearly off? I'm at a loss. Sorry this is so long and thank you in advance!

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