Did anyone who used the 3sisters code receive their products yet? I purchased on the 09/01/12; the money for the purchase came out of my account on 9/03 and I have yet to see my products. I was told after multiple times calling that someone would call me back and and that it now has magically shipped. Any package I am not here to receive goes my apartment office and I HAVE to keep an I on them if I want my package.
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If you don't have the tracking number, believe me, it did not ship! I ordered from them once...never again. I HAD to open a dispute to even get a response. Don't let your time run out to file a dispute!!!
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Yea I think I've ordered from them about four times via phone order and 2 out of the 4 times they shipped within a few days. Once they shipped about a week later and the other order was placed during a sale so I did wait longer. Nowhere near as long as ecobella though. Although I must say I did have to call to get my tracking number each time. They don't just email you the info automatically. I'm assuming that with the labor day sale, they probably didn't have the inventory to support all the orders they took. Hope you get your goodies soon!

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