I've been doing CG for about 10 weeks. It was going pretty well at first.

I was only using Tressemme Naturals conditioner and Lilly of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly and I would diffuse part way to dry.

It seemed like maybe it started not looking as good the past couple of weeks and when I ran out of conditioner I bought Loreal ever creme. Its ok...but it doesn't give my hair much slip.

At the same time, I also thought maybe I need to try a vinegar rinse for any build up. I only read good things about vinegar, but it seemed to leave my hair dry and crunchy like straw- especially a patch right on top that is super frizzy.

Things haven't gotten any better this week using the loreal. So last night I slept with olive oil on. I don't know if it did much. It just felt weighed down and pasty. Well, how was I going to get the oil out? I searched online and ALL I read about vinegar rinse was that it helped dry hair and created shiny beautiful curls, so I tried it again and followed up with a leave-in Suave Naturals Coconut.

We'll see how the curls look today, but they don't feel very soft at all

Please give me advice!

Is this ultra dryness from one vinegar rinse? Is this what it is like to be protein sensitive?

Thanks in advance!