Wow, this place scares me.

Anyway, here is some information I was able to obtain.
I hope it helps.

I donít think an amateur would have a camera on a radio controlled helicopter or airplane with much of a zoom capability. If it spends more than a few seconds hovering at the level of her windows, she should document everything: how often it happens, how long it hovers, how far away it is, where it appears to be pointing, etc. Tell her to take pictures of the helicopter when she thinks itís looking at her and take pictures of him while heís controlling it (but now whose the peeping tom?); donít think the airplane could be used for any peeping.

You know my thinking: itís all about what you can prove to the cops and/or the judge.

Assuming itís legal for him to be flying it he can have a camera and see whatever he wishes. Sheíll have to prove that heís spending unreasonable amounts of time pointing it in her direction vs. just playing around with it.