Hey guys, this is regarding two of CJ's gels in particular--Pattern Pusha and Curl Queen.

So I posted my concerns about PP in other threads a while back but since I still have the bottle, I am determined to try because I like how it looks wet and haven't figured out how to fix the issues I get when it's dry.

It doesn't flake until I try to SOTC/fluff the hair when it's dry--like all the product is flaking off. It looks like the gel is not flexible enough to mesh with my curl pattern. It happens with Curl Queen too (besides lots of foam w/that one when it's wet).

I know that it can flake from using too much product but it seems as though it is just not "sticking" to my hair right instead barely sitting on top, if that makes sense. I have tried using as little product as possible, so little it was like why am I even applying it lol. I've tried it on naked hair and under CJAO as a leave-in. Tried it wet and damp also.

I emailed Marsha a while back and she said to use it with an oil or butter product...but what does that mean? Like, use oil or butter as a leave-in? My wet hair doesn't really like straight oils or butters (sits on top and separates clumps, makes hair feel wiry), so I need help to figure out a way to work it. I've done a lot of searching but most people are either using it alone or with a bunch of different combos and it's kind of confusing since my hair's kind of picky with combos.

Any ideas?

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