Yikes! Jealous! You guys all have gorgeous hair - but how do you grow it? How often do you cut?

My hair recently had a big issue and I lost a lot of it and want to cut it, but now that I know the issue, I want to grow it long and healthy -

Any tips???
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I don't find a need to cut it at all, unless the ends start splitting. My ends pretty much never split, only like 2 hairs within a few months so I just individually trim those. I often trim any knots that I see, maybe once or twice a week, which takes a bit longer because they are on the individual strands, but most of them are towards the ends. Detangling is probably the most important part to be careful & limit the amount of knots created.
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I second what InaEva said. I only cut it when it really really needs it. If you are gentle and baby it, you only need a tiny trim every four months or so. I'm talking tiny - just a quarter inch. It also helps if you learn how to trim your own hair. Then you are completely in control of how much comes off.

This has been my favorite self-trimming tool for close to two years www.creaclip.com
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