Most of the natural hair "perspective" in general doesn't work for me lol. I tend to side eye every company that stays hard-focused on transitioners, and our hair having to be something you need to overcome or get through. What about those who have always been natural who are just finally embracing their hair, or those regular naturals who want to keep it laid-back? Everyone starts from a different place, and I think that should be applauded just like those who do a big chop and start with just an inch of hair...

Anyhoo, I agree with what you said about the trimming and the protective styling. I think trimming is a preventative measure if it's done properly but what properly means is gonna be different for everyone, so the rule on that is just a guideline to me. And the PS only worked when I had relaxed hair, which is why the term was sort of created in the first place before it evolved into what we know it now to be.

I like to practice "benign neglect" and wash n go's help me do that. If I want to be extra lazy and wear twists then I do, but not because it's a PS, but because being lazy lol.

Editing to add: Sealing. Well not the way most people do it. I like to oil my hair regularly in between rinse/wash days versus sealing my leave-in with oil. That just doesn't work for me at all, so I found a way to use oils that does.
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