i dont wanna stress my hair out by using 400 different things for nothing. But i have these recipes but idk how much to use, wat to dilute, do i even need to dilute. These are my recipies so far, please feel free to offer feedback. The reason the recipes are so big is bc I have alot of hair.

2 cups coconut milk
2 oz plain greek yougurt
3 TBS honey
1 ripe banana

My scalp moisturizer [ do i dilute? If so, with what? ]
1 oz Peppermint oil
1 oz Grapeseed oil
1 oz Teatree oil
1 oz EVOO

Extra dark jamaican blAck castor oil by itself

Leave in/ moisturizer
2 oz Vitamin e
1 bottle Palmers hair milk
2 oz Grapeseed oil

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Originally Posted by Amethyst_Kisses
i too have a scalp moistureing that also acts as a growth boost. in your recipe peppermints and tea tree oil are botha growth stimulater. they are both very stong oils and should be used sparenly. meaning for a cup of oil you might need about 10-15 drops of each oil. also maybe do half olive oil and half grapeseed oil. olive oil is very heavy particualy on the scalp. grape seed oil is a light oil. you dont need to dilute. you have the olive and grapeseed oil for that. you might want to try adding a bi of vitamine E oil into it as well. that also is amazing at moistureing and helps with the health and growth of your hair.

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