I'll come right out and say it. I think you're overreacting. What you know is a neighbor has a remote-controlled helicopter that may or may not have a camera, that he is flying across the street from your building, at approximately the same height as your 3rd floor apartment (which, to my naive self, sounds like about the height you'd fly that kind of thing at). You also know the guy has a remote-controlled plane (probably way less useful for peeping), indicating he has a general interest in RC aircrafts. You have absolutely no evidence, or even reasonable expectation if you ask me, that he is peeping into your apartment.

If you continue to witness behavior that you perceive as sketchy, I suggest you take the advice quoted below, and mention you've noticed his helicopter and even that it scared you to see something outside your 3rd floor window!

Can you see any other buildings from your apartment? Any one of them could have a camera looking in your windows, which is probably a lot more likely (though still highly unlikely) than this guy and his helicopter-camera.

And I bet he'd tell you all about it if you said "Hey, whatcha doin?" the next time he's out there, I'm sure he'll geek out all over the place to tell you about it.
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