I haven't made the jump to online product lines so haven't used PP myself, but I thought I'd throw this out there. Maybe you could use a LI underneath PP that has a good amount of oil or butter in it? My hair hates straight oils or butter on wet, damp, or dry hair, but is happy about both if they're in a conditioner. Old formula GFTN was last winter's HG RO and LI, and it had a good amount of palm oil along with shea butter and 3 other oils further down in the ingredients list.
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I did try the Beauticurls AO as a leave-in thinking that would work since there's argan, olive, jojoba and coconut oils in there, and while it was better than using PP alone, it still flaked. Hmm, maybe it was just too light...

I will try the BCLI next--that has butters in it and my hair likes it fine...This should be interesting lol.

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