Yeah maybe use it when your hair is almost totally dry. Abt 90%. Where theres just a little dampness.

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Originally Posted by prentonne
Hmm...just curious, is your hair low porosity? I ask because I can apply oils to my dry hair and it's fine but the oil has to be very light and I can only use a few drops otherwise it's crunchy and greasy, basically because it's sitting on top and not absorbing. I mean this is after I have styled it and everything. As a finisher.

And my hair is like...if it's not wet it's not flexible to styling and the drier it is the more the cuticles lock-down like a vault lol. I'd need more product that I would normally and it's just gonna sit on top anyway, little effect other than frizz. My hair is crazy You can probably tell I am a little apprehensive about this lolol. I see white greasy frizzy hair in my mind *clutches pearls* lol

I won't rule out trying it just once though...thx
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