Yikes! Jealous! You guys all have gorgeous hair - but how do you grow it? How often do you cut?

My hair recently had a big issue and I lost a lot of it and want to cut it, but now that I know the issue, I want to grow it long and healthy -

Any tips???
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I don't do anything special, really. I trim about 1/2" three or four times a year. I don't use shampoo - only CO wash, and as the others have said, I detangle very carefully - only when drenched with conditioner while in the shower with a wide toothed shower comb. I never comb or brush other than that.

Oh yes, and I eat pretty good - lots of protein. I am 56 so I didn't think I could grow it as fast as I have. Patience it foremost. It takes time to grow your hair.