I think a lot of us have tried various methods of "taming" our hair on our way to curly acceptance - perms, relaxers, voodoo... What were some of your worst (or funniest) missteps along the way?

One of mine was my attempt at dreads. After trying and failing at the DIY approach, I went to a salon where they twisted my hair and applied "hair bonding solution." I got it wet after 3 days, as directed, and noticed that things were a little sticky, but they still looked good, so I shrugged it off. Over time, though, my hair got stickier and stickier until I had little rubber-cement like balls on my pillow in the morning. I cut them off to little nubs - a friend was kind enough to call them "Nubian knots," even though they looked more like bits of gum stuck to my head. I finally had my aunt cut them all the way out, and thus began my first experience with super short hair.

OK, who's next?
2c, 3a, something like that... Curl-curious?