How frustrating!

I can say I got a deva cut when my hair was over-conditioned and then when I got my hair back to normal the cut was not so great.

But having said this, I you go in and tell the stylist what your issues are, maybe show him pics of your hair on a normal day, he may be able to advise you.

Couple things - my friend uses Clairol, and I suggested she mix some CNPF in the color bottle. She has been doing that ever since and had better color retention and her curls behaved more.

Have you tried any oils? (if your hair likes them, that is)

The idea of grays and hormones effecting your hair are both good thoughts, but the suddenness of it following the color makes me think thats less likely.

Maybe call the stylist and see if you can come in for a consult and then reschedule the actual cut for later?

2c/3a/3b, Fine/med, Dense, high porous, & normal elas.

Lo-poo - Renpure Keratin, SMR, Giovanni SaS
clarifying - mix Johnson's H2T with low poo
Co-wash - Suave Nats. clar. or coco.
RO - GVPCB, Ion Eff. Care, TN.
LI - SMR, Cure Care, or RO
Seal - MO or Jojoba
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PT - Gelatin!, CNPF
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