Today I got a compliment from a co-worker, another curly that said "I always LOVE your hair" I was surprised since I have been struggling with my hair lately in this weird weather, but it goes to show that the little nit-picky things that I hate about my hair really go unnoticed by others. Or we are just too hard on ourselves (our hair).

Anyone else notice that the most compliments come from other curlies? Why is that? Is it cuz we like curly hair the best or we sympathize with the problems it brings?
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Yea when I got more into taking care of my natural curls instead of straightening it with heat I noticed more curlies.And esp guys I tend to like their hair a lot but I hardly have the courage to compliment them.I usually don't have my hair curly and when I give a compliment to a girl with curly hair she usually has a look that says "ya ya I know".