You guys are so lucky! I never seem to get any compliments. I only get compliments when my hair is straight! But this one time, I was feeling down because my hair wouldn't do what I wanted it to do. I was so frustrated! I hadn't done anything to my hair since two days before. There was this guy and he started a conversation with me before I had to go on stage for a scene in 'Hairspray.' It went like this:

Him: Excuse me?
Me: Yes? (Turns around to face him)
Him: Can I ask you something? I mean this in the least offensive way possible.
Me: (Knowing what's coming) Okay, I won't get offended.
Him: Are you Ethiopian?
Me: Um, no. I'm African American, though.
Him: Oh. Because I have a friend and she's Ethiopian. She has the prettiest curly hair and gorgeous skin, like yours. People are always telling her that.
Me: Oh! Thank you!!! (At this point, I'm feeling AWESOME!):
Him: You look exactly like her.
Me: Wow, thanks! (I was beaming at this point!)

Then, I had to go on stage. After that, I was feeling ten feet tall, and bulletproof! It's amazing how compliments can come at the right moments, huh?
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Aww how cute.Ya me too I only get compliments when I straighten it but sadly guys definately approach me more when its straight. I get looks when I wear my hair natural but not compliments,esp not from guys.
I have an Etirea(I spelled that wrong)friend and she has lovely curls but sadly it seems she's going back to straightening,and your must be fabulous esp since a guy complimented you!