Wow, thank you ALL so much for your support!! And thanks so much MissDarcei for the kind compliment. You and your hair are gorgeous

I didn't have a chance to read most of the feedback above until after my cut. As you said, Raindeer, it was a good idea to cut off some of my possibly damaged hair, plus I figured as long as the cut was well-shaped and symmetrical, I could live with it. I just had to ask myself if I'm willing to get a cut that ends up looking shorter once my curls spring up more. And since I'm a little sick of my length, I was willing to take that risk.

It went well. The cut looks good so far. We'll see how it looks after I wash it again! It took him 5 hours (he was super chatty, but really really nice)

The stylist wasn't sure the cause of my curl loss, but I tend to agree with you Jas, that the timing of the sudden change following the dye, makes the dye look like the most likely culprit. What is CNPF? I was thinking of doing a protein treatment before my next color touchup, or applying coconut oil on my hair first. Not sure yet - don't want the oil to seal out any of the color. A final thought: I'm not going to wash my hair for about a week (to give it a break). Then I'll try an ACV rinse before conditioning it.

Thanks again everyone! It really meant a lot to receive your feedback

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