Okay, I guess I'm next. It's actually mistakes my stylists and I have made.

FIrst, too bad your dreads didn't work out. When done properly I think they look great.

Mishaps? So many I've lost count. One involved thinning shears and the resulting schizophrenic hair strands that were half-curl, half fur. ... Then of course were the garden variety of bad cuts: the jagged asymmetrical bob when I'd asked for a basic trim; the two-tiered shelf when I asked for graduated layers. Here are two of the most memorable:

1. The time a hairdresser with straight hair - bless her little heart - walked toward her chair, where I was seated, picked up a brush, held it in front of me, stopped, panicked, then walked away with her eyes tearing up. She fetched another clueless stylist to take her place.

2. The Jheri Curl Incident (yeah, you heard that right): Once upon a time, a long time ago, I'd forgotten that my hair was curly because I'd spent years relaxing it straight at my mom's behest. Anyway, after burning my scalp from the last relaxer, I decided I'd go natural. BUT

My mom talked me into seeing her hairdresser to see what other options I had (to save me from my natural "unruly" curls). Walked into the shop with shoulder length hair and walked out with a
- wait for it -
head of cropped, shiny, smelly, fake curls one inch long and a bottle of Jheri Curl activator. One of the worst days of my life.

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