Ok, girls.
I need your reviews: once a month (or more, it depends on your hair) we need a PT.
I bought SM yucca mask because it's also moisturizing...
but I wanted to know if CJ Repair Me is better than SM mask as PT or if they're the same 'cause, you know, CJ products are so much expensive!

P.S. the half of my hair is still bleached by Schultz (do u know this product? Well, DON'T use it. It says it's natural: It's NOT) so it's still very damaged (it's a very light blond while the rest of my hair is light brown-dark blond).
Usually, I do a treatment with mayo once a week. Is it ok?
I don't know if this is the right section for this post...excuse me =C
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{ 3a with 3b underneath; medium/coarse texture; normal porosity (?); Medium/Low elasticity (?) }