Yay I'm so glad!!! I tried Deva No-Poo as the suggestion of my hair stylist, and I actually love it. Always thought it would be too thick, and the lack of lather scared me haha. But I must say it's the only thing that's ever given me 3 day hair, much less 2 day hair! Wooo! After that I thought I should try One Condition as well, and I love that too. I still have the ES, of course, and I use that to mix things up, especially when I start to miss the fragrance :-)) The thing about ES is I feel like my hair looks better day one, but I tried using it with the No Poo to see if I could get multiple days w/o washing instead of the One Condition, but I don't feel like it plays as well with the No Poo Boo. I use it with the Low-Poo about 1x/wk to clarify/detox (I start to miss the lather of the Low-Poo and the smell of the ES lol).
-->3a/some 2c underneath; long, fine (porosity?); plop, no heat, CG since 07/11<--
Day 1: NoPoo, One Condition, KCKT, Mop Lift, Recoil, AnGel
Day 2: Mister Right
Day 3: Mister Right/KC Gloss Pomade for the frizzies
Days 4/5/6: repeat Days 1/2/3
Day 7: LowPoo, Suave ES

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