It looks like you have processed ends in the front....the rest of the hair looks like type 4. The real important factors are porosity and texture.....not curl pattern.

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3B....Live Curly Live Free Analysis: Texture = Medium....Porosity = Normal.......Elasticity = Normal
3b-ish... normal to low texture
Wash: Desert Essence Coconut shampoo, Acure argon shampoo
Deep Trestment: Nature's Nectars deep conditioner/styler
Condition: Nature's Nectars luv-n-a-bottle, Nature's Gate pomegranate sunflower
LEAVE-IN:Nature's Nectars luv-n-a-bottle, Natures Gate pomegranate sunflower
STYLE: Nature's Nectars Sweet Shea butter blend, Ecostyler gel
hemp oil, jojoba oil