Until today, I have NEVER had random people grabbing/touching my hair. I work in a field with very PROFESSIONAL behavioral standards (look at my name and guess what I do), so it's rare for people to be fondling each other's hair.
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I'm surprised to hear you say this. I work in an ER and my coworkers constantly touch my hair if I have it in a ponytail instead of a braid or bun. One night, after all of the patients had left, I let my hair down so it could dry a little, and at least three of my coworkers ran their hands through my hair. It totally grosses me out because I know what they've been touching and that some of them only use the sanitizing foam instead of washing their hands before and after each patient.

Nurses all over the floor run their hands through my husband's (who works in the lab) hair.
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Well, I can see that in an ER I guess. I always thought that people immediately relax a little when they get to wear scrubs I happen to work in corporate healthcare and wear business suits much of the time, and many of my interactions are with high-power executive types... and hair-touching just doesn't happen.
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But you don't spend all your time at work do you? I'm not a doctor but people at my job don't play in anyone's hair. It's the random strangers at bars or social settings who stick their grimmy fingers to the scalp to feel if this is "really" my hair or boing my curls. I think alcohol clouds their judgement.

I've never been pregnant but I think curly and pregnant would super suck with people rubbing your stomach and your hair.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.