Hi everyone.

I had about two months of increased shedding and lost a bunch of volume. I started on biotin early, but was still worried so I pursued bloodwork. Found out a week ago that my serum iron was pretty low, and I was borderline anemic. Started doing iron supplements. The shedding is finally starting to slow down!

My hair still looks ok, but I definitely have less of it now. And then there's the population of hair growing back in that's only about an inch and a half long. It won't stay organized with the rest of the spirals and turns into frizz. Wondering if anyone has some tips on keeping it nice.

I'm glad I got my health issues solved, but I am getting married in 2 weeks and my hair is the worst it's ever been in my life. :| My stylist is brilliant and she'll make it nice, but we are using my natural curls, so I want to give her something not-frlzzy to work with.

Any tips to keep the short stuff under control? I'm worried I'm looking at years of awkward styling, or a big chop.
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