I love both..Deva has more protein and glycerin in it.so if u are either protein or glycerin sensitive u won't b able to get gr8 results with them.The Shea moisture products are more moisturising n has tonnes of oils in it.. U can either use them as sealers , moisturisers or curl enhancers..they don't have enough hold to be used alone as a styler.. Hope dis helps!

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Hair type-3A/B fine ,dense,normal porosity..
LOW POO : SM Moisture Retention,TBS Rainforest Moisture shampoo
NO POO-DevaCurl No poo
COWASH-Suave coconut,Tressemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture,Vo5 kiwi Lime
RO -DevaCurl One Condish,Shea moisture condish,Matrix Biolage CB
LI- AO GVP protein balancing condish,SM thickening Yucca growth milk,SM Shea Butter Leave in
Stylers - SM smoothie,Aveda Flaxseed Aloe Gel,Eco Styler (Protein and Olive oil),Deva Arc Angel