But you don't spend all your time at work do you?
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Well... much of it.

I think maybe I am a little standoffish in terms of people touching me I need my personal space and I think people, even random people at bars, sense it. Like, I do NOT like it when people hug me hello or goodbye. I don't care if you're my best friend, I just don't like touching people. It just doesn't feel natural to me. But maybe people sense my aversion to touch? who knows.
2C- my journey is documented HERE
Most porous hair in the universe
baby fine (individual hairs are basically invisible when they fall out, maddening!)
lots of it

Current routine: B&B Curl Conscious Defining Creme combed-in to soaking wet hair, Got2B Spiked Gel scrunched in. Daily shampoo with mix of Deva Curl No-Poo and Tresseme regular sulfate-filled shampoo for dry hair followed by five minutes of random conditioner

It's finally growing!

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