Would like to see Coco Curls, Pura Body Naturals (omg), Donna Marie, and Anita Grant and rewards points. Also I agree with shipping, especially since I'm such a product junkie and abode in the same state. It's often more prudent for me to shop out of state so that I'm not hit with a huge shipping bill and taxes to boot (not sure if anyone has considered that for residents).

Two other companies that I patronize as well either offer flat rate shipping or $1 shipping so maybe research can be done to implement this for Curlmart.

Other than that, it is a pleasure shopping with you all as you do offer the largest variety (that I've seen) of natural/curly hair products, so that counts for a lot as well. The convenience of being able to purchase almost all of the items that I really need in one place from a reputable company adds a little buffer to the shipping charge. Thanks for allowing the input/feedback.

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