I would say that a nice trim or even a cut. I had a problem with losing a lot of hair due to a medical issue and finally get a nice cut made it look better. It wasn't noticeable that I lost hair to anyone except me and my stylist because my hair was long and thick but it had gotten to the point to where I could see through the longer sections of my hair and I didn't like that. It looked so much better after the cut (this was on my relaxed hair but I wore it in spiral sets most of the time).

Other ideas are to add a nice healthy rinse (if you color) that's really close to your hair color or even a clear one. I haven't used them but clip in pieces are easy to add in and a fast fix for fullness.

It's great that you found out about your anemia and are able to treat it--stay on top of your fiber and congrats on your nuptials.