some of the stuff people say on this board to other people is really disgusting. like, if my family threw low blows at me in an argument, that'd be like a not talking to you for 20 years thing. I mean when you say certain stuff it's just to be evil and mean. Not out of anger, to be evil.

Makes me sad.

In other news Of I'm not talking to you for the next millennium, my mom has an instagram. LIKE CAN I HAVE ANYTHING THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO COMMENT ON. Twitter was one thing, (besides fb) but now instagram is too far. I mean I get on fb post one picture, heck, I don't even post pictures but she'll comment on them "HEY BABY GIRL" why?!?!!!??!!?? LIKE WHY???/

I don't even want to be on the internet anymore I'm going to go read a book.

I've never had true hate, like the hate I have for regina on once upon a time. SO EVIL. UGGGGH. SOMEONE STAKE HER.