It is so weird seeing somebody all the time and then they turn up dead. I feel sad, but at the same time I'm still glad it wasn't my turn. It's like there is a sense of relief, because I know I'm going to get my mine and be just as dead as everybody else eventually, but it's somebody else for now. I haven't had anybody close to me die in a long time, so I feel like I'm desensitized to it. I could not imagine what people are going through losing children and parents, even close friends. Its easy to thunk that way with strangers and acquaintances, but I'm sure knowing you are still alive isn't going to take away that kind of hurt with someone you care about.
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Normally a death outside of my family does not bring tears nor do they shake me up. This one hit home though, this boy's father and my husband play basketball weekly, I watch him grow up with my's unreal to watch this man bury his boy, just heart wrenching.

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That has got to be rough, I did have a friend die in high school, I had known the guy since third grade. His parents had to take him off life support. That was an awful feeling for me to know he wasn't coming back, I cant even grasp how bad it would have been for his parents to lose their oldest son and have his organs harvested and everything. I remember I was so uncomfortable that it was hard to look them in the face or see them much after that. Not guilt or anything, just feeling so sorry for the whole situation.

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