So I have spent WEEKS reading this thread and all the one it links to, and I'm pretty darned sure I didn't see my issue addressed

I've made the basic gel according to BB's recipe twice now, and have experimented using it with or without a leave-in (I get better results using a leave-in first). My issue is that my hair starts off nice and wet, the leave-in makes it slippery, and then the FSG goes in and soaks everything up and then disappears into my hair. I have used varying amounts of product (though I return to using WAY more of it than I think I should, like people keep saying to do!) and by the time I'm finished, my hair feels kind of stiff and dry (instead of wet and slimy like it was before the FSG!) I tried using FOTE AVG a few different ways, and had similar results (though much more dramatic - my hair apparently HATES AVG!)

So, does that sound like how it works for most people? Or does it sound like it means anything in particular about my hair? (I have no idea what my hair properties are, and frankly, since I'm 9 months pregnant and my hormones will continue to be out of whack for quite a while, I haven't seen the point in trying to figure it out until my body is back in balance!) I'd like to start branching off into other additives, but I'm totally overwhelmed by the options and can't figure out if I should be adding some kind of oil, to lubricate the gel? Or maybe some honey or agave, for some extra hold and shine (instead of ending up with very matte looking hair)? Or something else entirely? HELP!