The worst, the absolute worst thing I ever did to my hair was when I used a home straightener on it in my ongoing attempt at getting a pixie style. I hated the way my hair turned out. It seemed dead. It just lay there and was impossible to style or do anything with.

My 2 funny/ironic mistakes were:

1. As a teenager, I taped my hair down to get it to dry straight. This was the 60's, the era of Dippity-Do hair gel and juice can rollers. I would smear Dippity-Do on my hair then tape it as straight as I possibly could get it so it would dry in my so desired pixie. When I went to remove the tape, the short hairs extending past the tape had curled and it looked like the tape had grown eyelashes, when I removed the tape, the rest of my hair would form waves all over my head. Looking back on it I think it was kind of cute how hard my hair was trying to make me realize the reality that it was curly, at the time I was disgusted at the "failure" of my hair to live up to my expectations.
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Now that's funny! The battles we wage against our hair. All that creative thinking and still, curly hair can't be outsmarted without compromising it somehow. Your hair looks really pretty btw.

2.Over the years, I have gotten several perms to get soft curls. They always (with just 1 exception) turned out "poodle" like. Now, on good hair days, my hair looks just like I was getting those perms to "force" it to look.] Now, I just wish I had relaxed and let my hair do its own thing long ago.
Can totally relate

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