Aw, this is so sweet! Thank you!
When I posted it I hoped it would remind others, like you, kayb, and CIBC that as much as we sometimes feel like our lives are wasted, we do matter. It's a really hard thing for me, so it's nice to see the words. And I always miss your posts when you're not around. When I wake up early (which is most days), I look forward to checking this thread to catch your late night/early morning, insomnia-fueled thoughts/ramblings.

And yes, thankfully he's looking to date, so he's obviously not hung up on me or something.
Your acquaintance sounds incredibly gross and presumptuous. Ick!

As for books, I love classic literature. I've disliked some of course (cough, Wuthering Heights, cough), but I generally love it.
I've read newer stuff like Life of Pi, The Kite Runner, The Hunger Games, and others that I've enjoyed.
I tend to like dialogue, but beautiful prose can win me over (I'm looking at Charlotte Bronte's Villette, not you, Henry James).
One Hundred Years if Solitude, Jane Eyre, and Lolita are some of my favorites. And I love me some Agatha Christie, too! Flannery O'Connor and other southern authors do well with me, as do Russians (Chekov, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, though oy, The Brothers Karamazov was dull).
I love folk tales and mythology, but fantasy like Lord of the Rings is really dull to me, as is a lot of sci-fi.
I've thought of reading more Italo Calvino, Allende, and Coelho. Maybe some Greek tragedies, too.
Oh, and East of Eden, but I hear such mixed reactions to it that I can't ever commit to getting it.
Originally Posted by Saria
Thank you, Saria. It is a nice thing to be reminded of - and thanks for enabling my late-night/early-morning ramblings. I do all the things at the most ridiculous times. For instance: who has two thumbs and just did a quick (likely too quick, but whatever) warm-up and stretch routine at nearly 5 am? This girl. Because I'm a BOSS. Or I'm loopy. OR. I'm both. It's nice having options.

I think I'm disproving the no physical exertion before bed thing, because my brain is all wooooooooooo everything's fuzzy you guys!!! after a very brief surge of energy from the warming up and stretching. This is unfair because fuzzy brains are not limber brains and I want to dredge up books from my memory to make a nice, orderly list, but instead I'm just like buh. I like books they have pages.

Heh, I adored Wuthering Heights when I read it in high school - well, except for whenever Lockwood narrated anything or the entire part with the second generation. I loved how the main characters who you'd expect to have this great romance for the ages actually had an intensely destructive monomaniac obsession with each other instead, and I reveled in watching two such fascinatingly selfish and volatile characters self-destruct and implode their world around them. The other characters were bland enough that I didn't have to feel for them and I just got to watch the main couple subvert the hell out of the whole idea of ~*passion*~ being the bestest thing ever. The second generation was just more bland people going about their business as if I cared, so I mentally edited it out, except when writing my big optional Senior AP English research paper, which I actually wrote to advocate for my reading of the book (under the flimsy guise of showing that it subverted various Romantic tropes or whatever), which I was not aware until I mentioned it to others was not the only one. Apparently, people thought that Heathcliff and Cathy actually DID have some sort of romance for the ages. I...I can't and I couldn't. What? No. The author even wrote all those boring new people to try to show you that wasn't the way! ...Thereby making it look like the only choices are boredom or death-by-toxic-obsession. Whoopsies!

I gave East of Eden a mixed reception inside my own head. There were parts I really liked, especially pertaining to a specific character, but especially as regards that character toward the end, there were some things that I really, really didn't. Also, the author liked a certain character far more than I did. I thought this person was dull and a bit of a dick. I should have known that a book so into Cain and Abel brother dichotomies would make me uneasy, though. Sibling rivalry issues, ahoy! I want to say more things about it but I do not trust my fuzzy brain at ALL so that will have to wait.

Have you ever read any Jane Austen? I love how snarky the narrator of Pride and Prejudice is. Also, the story and characters and such, but - snark. It does a body good.

OMG why can't I remember the other books I want to recommend and why must I also feel that all the best ones are on the tip of my tongue? I had better be able to dredge them up once I've gotten some sleep. BTW, I approve highly of your taste in books. Your post has reminded me that I really want to read Lolita and re-read Villette. Yes, I know, brain, you want to go do all the things while simultaneously collapsing on the computer.

Is this face asleep or dead? It says it's sleepy but I called it dead before but now that I'm this sleepy, I get it. Sleepy sleepy sleepy. No longer looks like a word.

I swear I did not deliberately descend into madness in response to you saying you enjoy my ramblings, this is just what my brain is doing! And I maybe shouldn't admit that! Okay, going.

...It's a siggie.