I really hate animated GIFs.

Animated GIFs are like the old internet came back for some reason. These GIFs are ancient, y'all. When many of you were still in diapers or a twinkle in your papa's eye, animated GIFs were so freaking cool, 'cause they moved and let me tell you nothing moved on the internet — that is, until there were GIFs.

Then we moved on as society and animated GIFs became tacky and passť and relegated to atrocious Geocities pages. Animated GIFs was the punchline to most jokes about bad web design. And then they took Geocities down (well, except for Japan) and we were finally free.

But before you could utter the words "Graphics Interchange Format," they were back and now they're everywhere, and not just stupid little smiley icons, but big azz graphics that take up most of your web page.

They put me in a freaking trance, first tempting me to try to determine where the loop resets and then tricking me into staring at them with my mouth slightly open, watching the unnatural movements with a horror I cannot adequately describe. If there is superimposed text I try, and usually fail, to read the lips so as to match them up with it. It's only once I realize that I've been staring at the damn thing for a frighteningly long time that I finally do manage to tear myself away and get on with my life.

These large animated GIFs basically render me a complete dumb**** staring at my computer screen like a drooling idiot. I hate that.

I really hate the GIFs.
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I love this.

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