Hello curlies!! Been natural for a year or so now.. However lately i am suffering with some bad either dry scalp or dandruff which is sticked to the scalp and hard to remove. At the moment i use KCKT+KCCC, their shampoo sometimes.. and the Spiritz. My hair used to adore it when i first used it with an ACV rinse.. I had gorgeous curls!! Now my hair gets dull, frizz a lot on the back and front of my hair. Which means i would end up washing my hair every other day Especially around the time when my period is due it seems to refuse to sit well, tangles and frizz easily!

I would either flip my hair upside down apply KCKT, rinse.. add a little as leave in. Scrunch some water out with an old t shirt and apply the custard in parts, i always let my hair air dry.

When i would be have a semi good hair day for a change after washing it almost everyday.. 2nd hair day.. frizz on top and especially back, water adding doesn't help.. neither add a little styling custard or spritz spray.

The longer i wait with washing my hair (can't get away with washing twice in a week) my hair gets more dull and dryer, frizzier and hard to comb through due tangling. Remedies for scalp i've tried so far: Rubbing conditoner with olive, olive oil on its own=Very sticky hair! ACV rinse.. But still dry and itchy scalp after washing.. and some parts stick to scalp..

Now im willing to change to some cheaper products, cj as example.. But i really don't know what to purchase for my frizzy/fly away hair. anyone could help me out please?