Two women who I get on well with at work were discussing Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forest. They take on it was that she's 15, they should just be 'left to get on with it'.

I said she's underage, it's illegal, and that's no matter how grown up she thinks she is, or how in love she believes herself to be, or how aware 15 year of girls can be of their own sexual attractiveness, she is a child. He is an adult, a teacher and in a position of trust and authority and he should go to prison for it. I'm not interested in hearing his friends say how nice a guy he is, how kind and generous in the papers and I don't care if it wouldn't be illegal in France. It is here.

I pointed out to them that you say your comfortable with a 30 year old man focusing his attentions of a 15 year old girl, the papers said others had suspected a relationship for months. When did she turn 15? Are you ok with grown man paying that sort of attention to a 14 year old?

They went quiet then and one said, well when you look at it that way....

What do you know, today the papers are reporting she was 14 when it all started. Something these two, 40 year old women hadn't even considered.