Hi all! I've been desperately seeking help with my hair problems so I figured this would be a good place to post. I once had very thick but smooth curly hair. After a year of incessant hair dying, flat ironing for dance and going through xanax and various anti-depressants (plus the stress of being 16 years old and in the midst of my junior year), I now have this:

^note my sad face

My hair gets greasy very fast and I shampoo a lot (probably more than I should). If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it!
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Hey there ) Don't be sad- you can get your hair's life back! I suggest doing a deep conditioning first (1). Get your ends cut if they're split and totally dead. You might want to stop shampooing your entire head, too... Actually, yes.. stop. Especially if your shampoo is not paraben or silicone free. Most shampoos have the same ingredients that dish washing soap have in them... totally strips your hair of its natural oils. Just shampoo your roots every few days. Rinsing your roots will clean the rest of your hair as it rinses down. In other words, do not lather your entire head (2).

Use a gentle conditioner (3) and leave in conditioner. Gentle b/c you don't want to shock your hair by giving it too much of something. One thing I found out about my hair is that water and lack of product dries it out more than anything else. After you condition, leave about 20% of the conditioner in your hair (4) and then use a light leave in conditioning spray (5), followed by a gel or styling product to lock in the moisture (6). Sparingly... A little will go a long way... Don't over do it...

~Are you using HOT water to wash your hair? Use luke-warm water to wash and then cold while rinsing (don't forget to leave 20% conditioner in).

~Make sure your diet is full of protein. Sea minerals also help my hair a ton.

Don't give up! You are beautiful and you've got this!!

(these names are not accurate, but a quick amazon search will find them)
Honeysuckle Moisturizing Shampoo
GPB Protein Conditioner

Hope that helps! As far as sealers to keep in your moisture, I am still trying to find a good one... but have heard GREAT things about Aveda's Humectant Pomade.