Hi Everyone:
I am new to posting on this site. I have been reading here for a couple of years. I finally registered and now posting.

I have 3A 3B red hair. I have fine to med texture, normal porosity, thinning hair. I did have very thick hair but have had surgeries that have thinnned my hair by about 1/2. I still have enough hair but I have to totally learn how to handle it better. My hair is also graying at the temples.

I have been using Aveda Curly Products, which I like; but, now seem to be drying. I also use WEN now and then. I have tried Carols Daughters Products and they are heavy for me.

Since my surgeries in May I have thinned dried hair. My goal is to not damage my hair any more.

I am not opposed to using a minimum of cones. I do co wash but also alternate with low poo shampoos. I live in the desert so have very low dew point most of the time. I am willing to just stick with low dew point products considering the small amount of moisture we have all year. Also I do like big hair so I like volume just not dry frizz.

I am getting my hair cut and colored this week. I do like layers. I am just having color and no highlights (which I normally have) because of the bleach.

Thanks for listening. Sorry this was so long.