One girl came up to me when I had straightened my hair and says, "Oh! Your hair looks so pretty! Wear it straight more often, it's not all poofy!"
This other time, a girl came up to me and said "Your hair must take so long to do in the morning, it's so pretty!" Thinking it was a compliment I replied it took me about 5 minutes. She laughed and said "It takes you 5 mins to curl every hair on your head. I'm not stupid." And she walks away... I don't know why that bugged me- it just did.
Another time, I over heard a girl talking to her friends (see a pattern here, it's all girls). She's going on about how ugly my hair is. She even mentioned my name. I'm the only one with my name in my grade.

My dads even said some mean things Some of these aren't big des, but they've stuck with me.